About us


Car rental is a possibility to acquire a vehicle of any class in your possession for quick and convenient solution of various tasks. The service is very popular in most developed countries and now it is gaining popularity in Belarus.

Our specialists will assist you in any uncommon situation. We will help you choose an appropriate car model and make up all the documents you need within a short time.

Upon applying to us, you can book a car with or without a driver. All our employees are polite and competent. You can conclude a contract for several hours, as well as for several months.


Car rental is key activity area of LAMBA. Cooperation with us guarantees a large list of benefits:

  • Reliability of cars. We offer our clients with cars in good working order. All cars are timely checked by professionals in approved maintenance centers. Thanks to that, we can guarantee high reliability and safety of our rental vehicles. Our car park includes only new vehicles, not older than of 2015 year of manufacture.
  • Car insurance. We provide fully comprehensive automobile insurance that covers all expenses in the event of an accident, fire or theft.
  • Car models. Our car park includes vehicles for any taste and budget. Thus, the most popular cars of low-end part of our car park are Renault Logan and Volkswagen Polo, whereas the most in-demand executive car is Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
  • Additional equipment. If needed, we will supply the car with such additional equipment as a child safety seat, a GPS device, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Rapidness. The whole procedure including all paper work will take you no more than 5 minutes.
  • Bonuses. Our regular customers have a possibility to enjoy the loyalty program. It includes pleasant gifts such as free leisure programs, discounts for hotel accommodation and travel packages from our partners.
  • Affordable prices. We offer you a car rental at really low prices in Minsk.


  1. Choose any vehicle from our car park;
  2. Call us or fill in a special form on our website;
  3. Have all documents on you: passport, driver’s license, inspection certificate and entrance visa (for citizens of other countries);
  4. Pick up the car from our office or order its delivery to any place in Minsk.


  • A solution for tourists. If you’ve arrived in Minsk on business, on a private visit or for your future travel around Belarus, a car rental is the best option for you. It will make your travelling more comfortable and give you a chance to manage your time efficiently.
  • Force-majeure. You may need car rental service, if your own car went out of order.
  • When prestige matters. Driving an executive car can help you to make a favorable impression on your business partners or colleagues. A procession of luxury cars can be a great part of any celebration.
  • Official functions. Holding conferences, symposia, international exhibitions with the participation of important guests requires the organizers of those events to care for the comfort of the invited participants. Renting a car to pick the guests up from the airport or a hotel gives you an opportunity to deliver them at a destination without any delays. It will also help you to reinforce a positive reputation of your company.